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Next time you need safe tree removal, trust the experts at our Chattanooga tree service company! Our experts know that removing trees can a difficult and dangerous task that should only be entrusted with professionals. We staff professionals that know exactly how to remove trees as safely and efficiently as possible. Our trusted process has saved hundreds of properties from further damage while our impeccable customer service allows our clients the peace of mind you deserve. We guarantee we’ll do the job right with professional-grade equipment so your property looks the best it can.

Though other tree companies may claim to have the expertise to remove all types of trees from all terrain, we can truly boast a wide range of skills in the tree service industry. We can fell a 50-foot tree just as easily as we can clear away multiple trees that have already fallen on your property. With our licensed and insured arborists at work, we’ll ensure the safety and integrity of your residential or commercial property throughout the process. Here’s a sample of the work we accomplish:

  • First – Our experts rope off the work zone
  • Second – We completely remove your tree with proper tools
  • Third – We grind down the stump and even offer stump removal services
  • Last – We clear away all leftover debris when we’re done

And while we’ve got the crew and equipment handy, we can perform other removal services such as shrub removal, stump removal or debris hauling. We do our best to make sure your landscape is in top-notch quality!

Safe Tree Removal Services in Chattanooga, Tennessee

We guarantee that your tree removal project will be safely handled by our experienced team of professionals. Don’t hassle with amateur companies who waste your time and do a shoddy job. Worst of all, don’t attempt to remove trees yourself – you could harm yourself or your property! Instead, let the professionals at our Chattanooga tree service company get the job done right. We know your personal property is a valuable investment which is why our staff works hard to have your property in great shape in no time. We’ll even respond to emergency tree removal at a moment’s notice!

Our company also knows that in some situations, tree removal isn’t you’re only option. If you are removing a tree because you feel it is damaged or unhealthy, our staff of professionals can assess your trees and see if other alternatives, such as spraying and trimming can restore your tree to its previous beauty. We even provide tree planting services if you would like to replace your recently removed tree with a beautiful new addition to your property. Not only will we provide you with these quality services, but we will provide them all at a price you can afford.

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If you have a tree or an area of trees you want removed, don’t hesitate to call our Chattanooga experts. Contact us for a completely free service estimate, today! Give us a call at phone at (423) 521-1499, email us at, or simply fill out the contact form on the right side of the page.

Our experts provide exceptional services to Chattanooga and the surrounding cities of:

Red Bank – Rossville – Fort Oglethorpe – Lookout Mountain – Signal Mountain – Rock Spring – Chickamauga – Lakeview – East Ridge – Ridgeside

We also provide service to the following zip codes: 37401, 37402, 37403, 37404, 37405, 37406, 37407, 37408, 37409, 37410, 37411, 37412, 37413, 37414, 37415, 37416, 37419, 37421, 37422, 37424, 37450, and more!


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